Helpers & Caregivers

Rest & Rejuvenize

Imagine you are going to a destination you always wanted to travel to. You booked your ticket, packed your bags, and chose attractions to visit. With you on this journey is the person you care about the most. You board the plane with excitement but also some worry about the unknown to come. You are seated next to your loved one and relax into your seat as the plane begins to ascend. Suddenly, the plane begins to shake, and the pilot announces to stay buckled in your seat due to some turbulence. You hope it passes and that this is only a temporary hiccup in your journey. However, that is not the case. The plane continues to jostle, and the oxygen masks fall. The safety instructions from the flight attendant flashes in your mind. The question is, do you reach for your mask or do you help the person you most care about first?

If your automatic reaction is to first help the person you most care about, pause for a second and get curious about your response. You notice your instinct tells you to take care of others especially the ones you love first, although conventional advice will tell you to take care of yourself first. If you find yourself conflicted in managing this desire to be a caretaker of others while often foregoing your own needs, contact me today to explore and provide understanding to these beliefs together.