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I offer individual, child, and family art therapy services. I have specialized services for creatives and creatives-at-heart, helpers and caregivers, and children and teens. If you are motivated to gain insight about yourself so you can take desired action in your life, you’re a good fit for these services.

“I would like help with…”

You struggle with being true to your heart and feel restricted by

  • fear and shame

  • familial pressures

  • cultural/religious expectations

  • emotional sensitivity

  • and comparing yourself to others.

“How do you do what you do?”

I offer a non-judgmental curiosity, empathy, different perspectives, a healthy dose of lightheartedness, and an opportunity to repair feeling misunderstood whether in previous therapy or in relationship with caregivers.

“What can I get out of therapy?”

Benefits and outcomes of seeing me for my services

  • Freedom to be yourself

  • Increased ability to communicate your needs clearly including when to say “yes” and “no”

  • Contentment and gratitude in what is working in your life

  • Ability to evaluate relationships and retain positive relationships

  • Clarity in your personal values

  • Increased sense of belonging to your community

  • Enjoy spending time on your own

  • Increased tolerance to feeling misunderstood

  • Increased self-love and compassion

  • A positive inner dialogue

  • Calming techniques and a de-stress plan

  • Setting guidelines for yourself instead of hard expectations.

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