Before you see me...

Do you take my insurance?

I understand and respect your desire to use the resources already available to you, including insurance. I am not in-network for any insurance for the following reasons:

  • Diagnosis – Insurance usually requires a medically necessary diagnosis in order to authorize and pay for therapy services. I believe in preventative care in which I respect that clients want to learn positive coping skills, explore beliefs which keep them stuck, and have stronger relationships with those in their life without needing to experience and demonstrate severe enough impairment in their life to be able to use their insurance. With that said, if you desire to gain reimbursements from your insurance (as applicable) with myself as an out-of-network provider, we will discuss if an appropriate diagnosis which applies to you during our assessment session(s).

  • Sessions – The content of our sessions remain confidential (with the exception of mandated reporting for all therapists). This means that someone from insurance will not be auditing the files I keep of our sessions. In addition, an outside entity will not be determining how many sessions we have to work together. I believe in the collaborative nature of therapist and client to be the ones to determine how long we need to work together to get you the relief you need.

  • Connection – Have you ever tried to call a therapist that takes your insurance and have either a) gotten no response or b) spoke with their assistant instead? Therapists that take insurance are often inundated with calls of other clients trying to find someone that can take their insurance too. I believe in building a personal connection beginning from the moment you call so you can feel at ease in knowing who you will be meeting with in your first session.

What will it cost me to seek support from you?

I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation so we can discuss if we are good fit for one another. My current charge for a session (50 minutes/therapeutic hour) is $144. I encourage clients to consider what it would cost them not to begin treatment with a therapist they connect well with including sleepless nights, broken relationships, strained work life, unhealthy coping activities, and so forth. I honor your choice in how you would like to spend your investment in resources of your energy, time, and money.

Marian Formanes