Finding a Counselor in San Diego

How do I know if you are the therapist for me?

When my friends ask me how to find a therapist, these are the things I tell them:

  • Try to call and speak to three therapists so you can get a sense of what different therapists offer. Many therapists offer free phone consultations (including myself) which is a low-risk way of seeing if you and your potential therapist are a good fit for working together

  • Have a clear idea of what you would like to get out of therapy (after all, it is an investment in your time, energy, and money) and communicate your needs with your therapist so they can know how they can best help you (whether that is setting up an appointment, offering you referrals for trusted colleagues, etc.)

  • Consider other factors which may make working with a certain therapist irresistible for you, such hours they are available, proximity to home/work, a wicked sense of humor, experience level, relatable, listens well, responsive, etc.

Marian Formanes